Chief Scientist's Manual

This manual summarizes the regulations, restrictions, customs and traditions under which all research aboard SIO vessels is carried out. The purpose is to assist you, the chief scientist, from whatever institution or agency, in preparing for a single cruise or a leg of an expedition and in discharging your shipboard responsibilities. Recognizing the varied nature of shipboard research, considerable flexibility has been written into this manual. All exceptions or modifications require prior approval from the Director of SIO or the Associate Director for Ship Operations and Marine Technical Support, hereafter "Associate Director."

As in the previous edition we have collected in Section III. "Expeditions and Foreign Clearances" material that is particularly relevant to expeditions with multiple port calls away from San Diego and/or to cruises involving work in foreign waters. If you are chief scientist on such a cruise please read the Expeditions and Foreign Clearances section as well as the rest.

It is assumed throughout this manual that the chief scientist is the same person as the principal investigator of the primary grant/contract supporting the scientific research to be carried out on the cruise. We realize that this is not always the case; when they are not the same person, it is incumbent on both of them to sort out who is going to carry out which of the actions listed herein as responsibilities of the "chief scientist."

Other Sources of Information: In general, the primary initial contact for scientists on any questions about SIO ships or their technical support is the Ship Scheduling Office:

Ship Scheduling Office
SIO 0210
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0210

858-822-5811 (fax)

The Scheduling Office often will refer your question and subsequent interactions about it to one or more other elements of the enterprise (Marine Facility, resident technicians, etc.) that are best suited to give you the specific information or support you need. If you are an "old hand" or already know which of these other elements to approach, please do so. If in doubt, however, always feel free to talk to the Ship Scheduling Office, where you will be given answers or onward referral(s) as appropriate. SIO provides several other useful documents:

1. A handbook for each ship, detailing ship features, arrangements and capabilities, and any specific ship-dependent procedures or rules not covered in this manual.

2. A mini-directory of contacts for various aspects of ship operations and shipboard technical support at SIO. This information is included as an addendum or feature of this and other documents, and is also available in stand-alone form from the Ship Scheduling Office.

3. A Manual for Seagoing Scientists intended for first-time seagoers, emphasizing the basics of shipboard life at sea.

4. Single-sheet capsule descriptions of ship particulars and equipment features for each ship.

5. A detailed policy statement about the use of isotopes on SIO ships.

6. A single-page guide to ways and means of communicating with SIO ships.

7. The various forms that scientific party members and/or the chief scientist must complete before or after the cruise.

All of these documents are available on request from the Ship Scheduling Office.