Ship Agents

R/V Melville's Agents 2004

All mail and/or shipments should be sent to the agent's address. Address should include the name of the person, the name of the ship, the name of the agent and the agent's address. Also, all mail should be marked: "please hold for arrival of R/V Melville."

All air freight shipments must be marked: "Spare parts ( or scientific equipment ) in transit for master, R/V Melville", care of agent.

Dates Port Mail/Shipping Information
01/02/04-01/06/04 Cairns Mailing Address
03/09/04-03/12/04 Australia Adsteam Agency
04/11/04-04/16/04   P.O. Box 2334
05/27/04-05/29/04   Cairns, Queensland
Agent Contact Information   Shipping Address
Name: John Fergus   Master, R/V Melville
Phone: 011-61-7-4041-3711   % Adsteam Agency
Fax: 011-61-7-4041-3325   Unit B1, Traveltown
Email:   21 Lake Street
Comments: After hours contact Mr. John Fergus - mobile 011-61-408-1801455 Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Dates Port Mail/Shipping Information
02/15/04-02/17/04 Port Moresby Mailing Address
Papua New Guinea Adsteam Agency
  P.O. Box 922
  Port Moresby, NCD
    Papua New Guinea
Agent Contact Information   Shipping Address
Name: Joe Aufeke   Master, R/V Melville
Phone: 011-675-321-2599   % Adsteam Agency
Fax: 011-675-321-2295   Morgoru Moto Building, Champion Paradeg
Email:   Papua New Guinea

Dates Port Mail/Shipping Information
06/11/04-06/14/04 Yokohama Mailing Address
Japan Sanyu Shipping Inc
  Honmoku A-5, Kyodo Terminal 1F, 9
  Honmoku-Futo, Naka-ku
    Yokohama-City, Kanagawa-pref, Japan 231-0811
Agent Contact Information   Shipping Address
Name: Mr Kenichi Hashimoto or Mr. Koji Hirose or
Mr. Yoshiaki Yamaguchi
  Master, R/V Melville
Phone: 011-81-45-623-2915   % Sanyu Shipping Inc, Agency Dept. Tramper Group.
Fax: 011-81-45-623-8625   Sankyu Bldg. 5-23


  Kachidoki 6-Chome
Comments: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0054

Please copy Mr. K. Hirose on all correspondence at Sankyu, Tokyo: "tramp"

Phone +81 (045)623-2915
Fax +81 (045)623-8625

Additional Contact Numbers
Tel : 011-81-33-536-3976
Fax : 011-81-33-536-3890


Dates Port Mail/Shipping Information
07/25/04 - 07/27/04 Honolulu Mailing Address
10/10/04-10/15/04 Hawaii University of Hawaii, Marine Center
01/24/05- TBA   #1 Sand Island Road
  Honolulu, HI 96819
Agent Contact Information   Shipping Address
Name: Stan Winslow/Keith Adams   Master, R/V Melville
Phone: (808) 847-2661   % University of Hawaii, Marine Center
Fax: (808) 848-5451   #1 Sand Island Road
Email:   Honolulu, HI 96819