Documentation for Scientific Party List

The following instructions explain how to fill out and submit your scientific party list.
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This electronic form asks the Chief Scientist to supply advance information about each member of the scientific party (except for STS technicians assigned to the voyage; their information will be provided internally at SIO) and to categorize each member in three different ways:

I. The "Function on Cruise" entry provides information required for later use by UNOLS in its databases. The category names are largely self-evident. The "observer" category means a person who is primarily an onlooker with respect to the scientific work - a VIP, government agency representative, reporter or documentary filmmaker, etc. The "foreign observer" category refers to a person required by a foreign government to be aboard as a condition of foreign clearance for the cruise, whether or not such a person is also a working scientist/technician/student.

II. The "status" entry refers to employment and insurance conditions related to UC risk management and required waivers for persons who lack suitable insurance coverage. Detailed definitions of these five categories are given at the end of the form. A UC Waiver of Liability, if required, must be completed, signed and returned at least seven (7) business days prior to embarkation. For more information, please see Participant's Status on Cruises Aboard SIO Vessels (below).

III. (IMPORTANT) Finally, the four columns from "citizenship" through "date of birth" contain information that is now generally required by US (Department of Homeland Security) and/or foreign port authorities, and well in advance of arrival at a port, even in sailing from one US port to another. Voyages on New Horizon or Sproul that do not "clear into/out of" a US port (i.e. do not (a) involve a foreign port at either end or (b) sail US-to-US but pass through foreign waters en route) are exempt from filling in these columns, as are any local Revelle or Melville voyages that start, end and remain entirely within the jurisdiction of the USCG Captain of the Port of San Diego ( - but see item E below. ALL other voyages on any ship, regardless of duration, US/foreign ports, and track, must complete these columns.  In doing so please observe:

  1. Passports must be valid for the duration of the voyage. 
  2. Holders of non-US passports must generally hold permanent resident ("green card") status or a multiple-entry visa, in either case also valid for the voyage duration. The only exceptions regarding reentry to the US known to us at this time (but the rules do change) are:
    1. Holders of J1 (student) visas valid for the duration of the voyage may use this visa provided that their home institution supplies an official letter stating that the intended voyage is a legitimate part of their student activities and provided that the I94 form in the passport remains intact - DO NOT allow the I94 card (normally surrendered upon leaving the US) to be detached prior to sailing. Have passport with intact I94 and the letter in hand at embarkation.
    2. Persons who have entered the US initially under the visa waiver program (VWP). Provided that (i) the person is sailing for a purpose that is consonant with the original VWP entry, (ii) the initial entry was via a commercial carrier empowered to administer the VWP, (iii) the duration of the permitted VWP visit extends past the return to the US on the voyage, and (iv) the person retains the I94W card (the VWP equivalent of the I94 card - DO NOT allow the I94W to be detached prior to sailing), the person's passport and VWP status will suffice. Have passport with intact I94W in hand at embarkation.
  3. Names must be filled out in full and correspond to passports/visas - no nicknames please.
  4. Gender is also a required item, again by federal regulations. These rules are undeniably complex. SIO does not determine them; federal authorities do. Because federal penalties for non-compliance with these rules can be severe (e.g. $10,000 fine to ship/master):
    1. We require submission of the form, with all entries complete, not later than seven (7) business days in advance of ship arrival for the port call at the START port if other than San Diego, or seven (7) business days prior to sailing if starting in San Diego, in order to allow time for processing and filing the information with federal/port authorities. Any official letter (item B.1 above) must be submitted (fax copy to Ship Scheduling Office) by the same deadline.
    2. Persons must have in hand at the time of embarkation the documentation (passports, visas, etc.) as entered on the form.
    3. We reserve the right to refuse embarkation to any person whose information is incomplete or whose in-hand documents at embarkation pose a risk to the ship/master of non-compliance, port delays and/or legal penalties as noted above. Masters will consult with the Marine Superintendent on any such emergent situations to the extent that time allows, but will make embarkation decisions on-scene as necessary to meet sailing schedules. Upon boarding the ship every person in the scientific party is required to sign a paper copy of the same form, attesting to his or her correct UC category and to the correctness of other entries on the form.
  5. Date of birth must be entered for all persons under age 18, regardless of any other factors, to inform the vessel master of the presence of minors aboard.

Participant's Status on Cruises Aboard SIO Vessel


    Note that at UCSD the decisive factor determining whether or not a person is a paid employee is whether that person receives compensation via the UCSD Payroll System. Students who also receive UCSD payroll compensation (e.g. graduate students with research assistantships) ARE paid employees in this sense. Non-payroll forms of compensation generally do NOT result in a "paid employee" with the associated Worker's Compensation coverage. It is the intent of this category to include only persons holding Worker's Compensation coverage. Persons employed at other UC units should verify that their employment status does in fact carry Worker's Compensation coverage.
    I hereby certify that I am a paid employee of the University of California, thus covered by Worker's Compensation, and that my presence aboard this ship for this cruise is in the course of my assigned duties.

    These persons volunteer their services to UC in order to participate in the work of the cruise. In the UCSD framework they may be from outside UCSD or may be normally employed at another UCSD unit but volunteering for purposes of this cruise. They must be appointed as Staff Volunteers by the business office of the UCSD unit to the benefit of which they are volunteering, because this status entitles them to Worker's Compensation coverage. Persons in volunteer status at other UC units should verify that their status in fact carries Worker's Compensation coverage.
    I hereby certify that I am a Staff Volunteer of the University of California, am covered by Worker's Compensation in that capacity, have submitted the proper forms for appointment as such a Volunteer, and that appointment has been approved.

    I hereby certify that I am an employee (paid or volunteer) of (employer) and am covered by Worker's Compensation or equivalent insurance against injury while in that employment status, that my presence aboard this ship for this cruise is in the course of my assigned duties to that employer, and that that employer is responsible for all pay that may be due me for work done aboard ship. I hereby release the Regents of the University of California, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims or liabilities for injuries to my person, including death, or property, in any way arising out of my presence on this ship, except such injuries or damage caused solely by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of The Regents of the University of California, its officers, agents, or employees. I agree that I may be asked to perform work aboard ship that is a part of the scientific program, and that I will not be compensated by the University of California for such work.

    Students who neither receive UCSD Payroll System compensation and thus UCSD Worker's Compensation coverage nor are covered by Worker's Compensation or similar insurance through another UC unit or a non-UC institution must sign in this category and complete a UC Waiver of Liability.
    I am a student not entitled to Worker's Compensation coverage and have signed the required UC Waiver of Liability.
  5. OTHER

    This category, which may involve uninsured persons, is to be utilized ONLY when it is IMPOSSIBLE to register the person under any of the other categories. All such persons must have been invited to participate by or with the approval of the Chief Scientist or the Associate Director, SIO, and they must sign a UC Waiver of Liability.
    I do not qualify to enroll in any other category and have signed the required UC Waiver of Liability.