Volunteering aboard Scripps Ships

The best way to volunteer aboard a Scripps research vessel is to contact the chief scientist for a cruise that you are interested in. To learn about the cruises scheduled aboard Scripps vessels, check out the cruise scheduling page.

Once you identify a cruise that interests you, contact the corresponding chief scientist and ask whether she or he will accept you as a volunteer. Please remember that scientific research cruises are often physically and technically challenging, and may require advanced skills that you as a volunteer may not possess. Some chief scientists welcome an additional hand, while others are already fully booked with their regular research group personnel. If you have difficulty reaching a chief scientist, you may contact the Scripps Ship Scheduling Office for contact information.

If you the chief scientist agrees to accept you as a volunteer in their scientific party, you need to sign up as an official staff volunteer through the chief scientist's business office (if he or she is from UCSD) or equivalent process (if from another institution). This status is required for insurance purposes, and must be done well in advance of sailing. Note that the Scripps Ship Scheduling Office cannot process these transactions. Persons lacking suitable insurance coverage will not be able to sail.

 Information regarding different categories of employment recognized by Scripps (for insurance purposes) is available here.