R/V Robert Gordon Sproul at MarFac, 2009. Photo: Bruce Appelgate

News Archives

Selected periodical articles highlighting the research, global ocean exploration and discoveries made aboard Scripps research vessels.

Classics From the Archives #2 (Melville)
San Diego Coastal Expedition (Melville, UC Ship Funds Program)
R/P FLIP celebrates 50th anniversary (FLIP)
R/V Roger Revelle visits Da Nang (Revelle)
Growing area of plastic waste in the Pacific (New Horizon)
Chilean and American scientists embark on cruise to study seismicity (Melville)
Revisiting the site of the great 2010 Chilean earthquake (Melville)
SIO researchers and students explore Chile Triple Junction (Melville, UC Ship Funds Program)
Across the Great Belt in the southern Indian Ocean (Revelle)
New York Times: Exlporing our own alien world (SIO Director Haymet, op/ed)
Nature: US Navy welcomes two ships into research fleet (AGOR 28)
Navy selects shipyard to build Scripps' new state-of-the-art research vessel (AGOR 28)
Google Earth Uses Sonar Data From Scripps Research Vessels (Fleet)
Government Funding Supports New Scripps Ship and Vital Seagoing Research (AGOR 28)
R/V Sproul and UC Ship Funds vital for new Nature study (Sproul)
Scripps wins NSF award to provide marine technical support in the Arctic (STS)
New research vessel would be point of pride for San Diego (SOMTS)
Scripps scientists and technicians explore the Arctic with NASA aboard icebreaker Healy (STS)
LA Times: Pacific Ocean study finds fish tainted by plastic (New Horizon)
Out to sea studying the California Current Ecosystem (Melville)
New Horizon SEAPLEX cruise data indicate fish ingest "garbage patch" plastic (New Horizon)
Super-sized squid in the Sea of Cortez (New Horizon)
Repeat hydrography cruise S4P of the Nathan B. Palmer (CCHDO)
Able Sea Chicks blog: Philippine Sea Experiment (Revelle)
Chilean students learn about ocean science aboard Melville (Melville)
Escolares de Valparaíso visitaron la nave científica estadounidense Melville (Melville)
Earth8 report on MV1102 mapping mission (Melville)
Effects of March 11 2011 tsunami on Scripps and Nimitz Marine Facility (SIO Fleet)
Scripps mapping subsea mountains: MV1102 (Melville)
Mapping massive undersea mountains: MV1102 (Melville)
Scripps Research Vessel Discovering Mammoth Undersea Mountains (Melville)

Climate change in the South Pacific: CLIVAR transect P6 (Melville)
MV1014 cruise blog (Texas A&M): Response to climate change in the Equitorial Pacific (Melville)
Researchers collaborate to study marine mammal behavior (Sproul)
Exploring California's Ecological Changes and Historical Origins (Melville)
R/V Melville visits San Diego (Melville)
A tourist visits Nimitz Marine Facility (STS)
Cal-Echoes: Student-led research cruise to explore California's changing oceans (Melville)
New Science Ship To Set Sail For Scripps (AGOR28)
Navy awards new science ship to Scripps Institution of Oceanography (AGOR28)
Hot and Cold Chile (Melville)
Inside the plastic vortex (New Horizon)
High school students focus on the future (Sproul)
Research can be rocky aboard Revelle (Revelle)
Agua potenciaria grandes terremotos (El Melville)
Scripps Oceanography dispatches rapid response exploration of Chile earthquake Site (Melville)
How Scripps ships cope with rocky weather (Revelle)
Cal State Northridge team to deploy ocean bottom seismometers (Revelle)

Dredging up the truth (New Horizon)
Voyage to the plastic vortex (New Horizon)
Birth of an ocean (New Horizon)
New marine superintendent takes helm of Scripps fleet (Fleet)
SEAPLEX: A mission to the Pacific garbage patch (New Horizon)
The Scripps fleet gets a green facelift (Fleet)
Scripps crew volunteers time at Chilean orphanage (Revelle)
Imaging gas hydrate in the Gulf of Mexico using marine electromagnetic methods (Revelle)
Scripps dives into the ocean with Google Earth (Fleet)
Into the very deep for data (Revelle)
International Polar Year: Trace metals on CLIVAR I6S (Revelle)

Melville home after epic voyage (Melville)
Scripps research vessel Melville returns after two-and-a-half year voyage (Melville)
Underwater autonomous gliders (Melville)
Deep-sea magnetism (Melville)
Bruce Appelgate appointed to lead Scripps ship operations (Fleet)
Ellen Revelle: Philanthropist, native La Jollan, "a woman of character" (Fleet)
Scripps research vessel Roger Revelle visits Montevideo (Revelle)
For better or worse, modern ocean explorers stay connected (Revelle)

Survey off San Diego reveals details of sand movements (Sproul)

Dredging up the past (Melville)
Scientists observe first deep underwater volcanic eruption (Melville)
Pioneer in Ocean Technology: Fred N. Spiess (Fleet)
Ocean noise has increased considerably since 1960s (Sproul)

Findings by Scripps scientists cast new light on undersea volcanoes (Melville)
Scripps researchers rediscover elusive site of exploding volcanic rocks (Revelle)
Scripps scientists in historic first surface voyage across Canada Basin (ODF)

New Scripps-based research program to analyze ecosystems of the California Current (Fleet)
Researchers probe marine mysteries off the Alaskan coast (Revelle)
Scripps researchers document significant changes in the deep sea (New Horizon)

Scientists closing in on puzzle of ocean energy (Revelle)
Heading north to map arctic waters (ODF)
Researchers launch nearshore canyon experiment (Sproul)

New generation of ocean exploration propelled by high-speed wireless technology (Revelle)

A tribute to Roger Revelle by Walter Munk (Fleet)

Navy to christen oceanographic ship Roger Revelle (AGOR 24)

Roger Revelle: 1909-1991 (Fleet)