Marine Shop
photo: At work in Scripps Marine Shop Facility

Marine Facility Shop

The marine facility shop building is 265 feet long and 70 feet deep on the main floor. This 18,500 sq. ft is divided into a carpenter shop, welding shop, mechanical shop, machine shop, electric shop, and the office of the shop superintendent and his assistant. The second floor is office space, store rooms, and a lounge, shower, wash room. There is a second building that houses the electronics repair shop and our radio station, WWD, and has a small indoor storage space for shop overflow. An outdoor storage area is available for large objects such as containers and winches.

The shop has four employees trained in pipefitting, general steel and aluminum fabrication, woodworking, hydraulic and mechanical repair, and the operation of material handling equipment. When the need arises, a pool of retired employees and ship's personnel on leave is available and can be called on.

The shop material handling equipment consists of five forklifts ranging in capacity from 15,000 pounds to 500 pounds. Two mobile cranes, one 10 ton and one 12 ton, are equipped with all the slings and bridles needed to lift anything in their capacity. The shop also has four cable spooling devices, one of them truck mounted and powered.

The portable winch pool has four winches that can be deck mounted to the standard bolt pattern. Three of them need only an electrical hook up. The fourth, which can carry 1/2" dredge or .680 cable, needs a hydraulic hook up. The shop also maintains eight portable marine cranes with either a 1000 or 2,000 pound capacity. Six plug in electrically and two need a hydraulic hook up. The MarFac shop is also the west coast depository for new UNOLS wire. A large supply of used, standard-sized oceanographic wire is maintained at the facility. A small supply of stock and hardware is kept in the shop, but a vast network of suppliers is just a phone call away.

Shop Superintendent: Joe Corduan
Phone: (858) 534-1629
Fax: (858) 534-1628