How to schedule and plan your cruise

These are the steps required to request and plan for a cruise aboard a Scripps research vessel. If you have any questions, please contact the Scripps Ship Scheduling Office.

When you request funding:
Submit a UNOLS Ship Time Request Form
Remember to request travel funds to attend a precruise meeting in San Diego.

After you are funded:
Request foreign clearances at least 7 months before cruise: email Elizabeth Brenner - SIO Ship Scheduler/Clearance Officer
Request a precruise meeting at SIO: email Elizabeth Brenner - SIO Ship Scheduler/Clearance Officer
Request portable laboratory vans: UNOLS maintains shared-use vans available on first-come basis that you need to reserve. For assistance, email SIO Research Technician Group

Before your precruise meeting:
Submit a cruise plan: email Ship Scheduling Office
Download/complete/submit a cruise planning guide: XLS
Read and submit a Scripps Data Distribution form: PDF format
Contact SIO technicians regarding
    Loading plan for deck & interior spaces: email SIO Research Technician Group
    Special fabrication or engineering needs: email SIO Research Technician Group
    Winch & wire needs: email SIO Research Technician Group
    Customs requirements for scientific equipment: email SIO Research Technician Group
Shipping gear to the vessel? Please refer to these instructions:
    Scientific shipments to SIO vessels
Review US export control restrictions:
    Export control compliance aboard SIO-operated research vessels
    UCSD guidelines on export control compliance
Deploying a buoy? The USCG requires that PIs follow certain guidelines.
    Read: USCG Rules for deploying buoys
Using isotopes? If so, please read the following:
    Isotope use aboard SIO research vessel
    Request to use isotopes aboard SIO vessels (SIO scientists): Fillable PDF form
    Request an Isotope Laboratory Van: email Gary Lain - SIO Radiation Safety Officer
Planning to use scientific diving in your program? If so, please read and submit the following:
    Submit a vessel dive plan: PDF
    README: SIO diving safety manual
    Discuss your plan with the SIO Diving Officer: email Christian McDonald
Planning to use your own portable winch and oceanographic wire?
    You need to comply with UNOLS safety standards:
    Information about the standards
    Discuss your equipment with the Marine Superintendent: email Zoltan Kelety

One month prior to sailing:
Submit information for Notices to Mariners as follows:
    For all waters and high seas
Local Notices to Mariners (as applicable):
    US west coast (California to Washington and out to 200 miles offshore)
    For Alaskan waters and US east coast, email Shipsked or Port Captain
Obtain clearance to work inside U.S. Navy operations areas:
    email SIO Ship Scheduling Office
    Southern California Naval Operations page)

Two weeks prior to sailing:
Submit your scientific party list online:
    Read these instructions regarding our web-based scientific party list form
    Click here to open the online scientific party list form
Submit these documents to SIO Ship Scheduling:
    Signed agreement on Alcohol, Drugs and Sexual Harassment Aboard SIO Vessels: PDF
    UC Waiver of Liability (if necessary): PDF

Give to the Captain when you board the vessel:
Physical Ability to Work at Sea: PDF
Medical History Questionnaire (this form is voluntary): PDF

Submit these immediately after your cruise:
UNOLS post-cruise assessment: Web-based form
Foreign clearance preliminary cruise report (send to SIO Ship scheduling): PDF | MS Word