R/V Melville Scientific Equipment

Permanent scientific equipment

MultibeamKongsberg EM122 12 kHz
150 degrees maximum swath width
Sub-Bottom ProfilerKnudsen CHIRP 3260

MagnetometerMarine Magnetics SeaSpy
Gravity MeterBell BGM - 3  
ADCPRDI Ocean Surveyor    RDI Ocean Surveyor         
75 kHz

150 kHz

Underway Data System  Meteorological and Sea Surface
Data Network3.5 and 12
 Ethernet, audiovisual in labs and staterooms, F/O and copper links
Computer SystemMultiple Linux servers
1 GB network
Work StationsUNIX and PC Numerous in labs
Printers/ Plotters  Laserjet and color inkjet

Bioanalytical Lab with precision temperature control. Use of isotopes is prohibited in ship's laboratories. Isotope isolation vans are available by request. Other equipment and technical services available on cruise-specific basis.

Vans: Numerous van placement locations on main deck, winch deck and forward on 02 deck.

Communications: VHF, SSB voice, and INMARSAT voice and data.
In-port San Diego phone number: (858) 534-1646
INMARSAT phone number: 011-872-1503656
INMARSAT fax: 011-872--81-1503656
INMARSAT area code is 872 when ship is in Pacific; other codes are 871, 873, or 874 for east Atlantic, west Atlantic, Indian Ocean.

All users are responsible for the cost of E-mail traffic both to and from the ship. Science party members (and crew) are allotted a $1/day allowance for E-mail expenses. Costs in excess of this allowance will be collected from users at the completion of each cruise.

Future planned upgrades/refits: Replace MK 23 gyro, replace winch readouts, radars and fathometer.