Support Equipment

(at sea)
Allied Heavy Crane Top of Aft staging bay5,000 lbs.Not Trawl/Dredge Capable
Pettibone Crane 02 level amidships1,800 lbs.   
Trawl/Dredge Capable
Stern A-frame Stern centered14,000 lbs. 
Stbd A-frame Stbd side20,000 lbs. 
Squirt boom
Above quarter deck Stbd side       

Portable Cranes VariousVariousContact MarFac for Info
Instrument Wells

1 – 01 level 28" dia. Tube
2 – Fantail, 28" dia. Tube



Angled aft and outward slightly, directly behind thruster

Workboat  Foam collar boat
Mooring Capstan Main Deck Aft Moveable
Seismic Air Compressor Trawl Winch Room 1,850 psi.
Deck BoltdownsAll decks and Labs 2'x2' pattern
Stern Ramp Stern centered 12" wide

Bow Observation ChamberBelow waterline at bow  
Cargo HoistFwd. end of Main Lab 4" x4"
Overhead HoistsBoth staging bays  


Northern Line Traction Drum 10,000 m
3x19, 9/16" Trawl
10,000 m .680" EM
Wires can be led to the main A-Frame of the Starboard A-frame.
Northern Line Hydrographic 3x19, 1/4"Wire led to Squirt boom
Markey DESH-6 10,000 m .322" EMWire led to Stbd A-frame
Markey DESH-5 CTD 10,000 m .322" EMWire led to Squirt boom